About Us



Christopher is presently a Computer Science undergraduate in one of the Nigerian Federal Universities. He has being a member of several online forums and has acquired much knowledge from his activities on the internet. He has come across tons of useful information, many of which he saved in his computer hard disk. He has a great zeal for blogging and has read so many books & articles about blogging. Later this year (2013), He decided to take a bold step into blogging as a means of sharing his knowledge to the public.
At the time of writing this note, Christopher is still a newbie in blogging and thus this blog (www.kwadoblog.com) might be lacking some Professional qualities, but as Days turns to Weeks, Weeks to Months and Months to Years, He hope to come-out with something much more Professional.
KwadoBlog is a multi-niche blog basically focused on providing Tutorials and Information on Blogging, Science & Technology. This tutorials/information include: Blogging Tips, Internet & Browsing Tips, Money Making Tips, Mobile Tips, etc. Each post in kwadoblog is published with a hope to enlighten and educate its users and support happy living via online activities.
The word “kwado” as seen in “kwadoblog” was derived from the 2nd part of one of his names “ChiKWADO”.