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Statistics  have proven that more than 85% of bloggers and web administrators came online because they want to make an additional income (or full time income) from it. In order to achieve this goal, building an email list of your subscribers is a very vital part of the business. As experts have it that "The Money Is In The List"...

Yes, having a list of your subscribers makes it very easy for you to get across to them at any point thus facilitating your promotion and resulting to a possible increase in income. In order to achieve this target, then you need an Email marketing service and an Email autoresponder software.  
 There are several companies that render these services and these services have there unique features. Most of these services are NOT for free and thus might not be Pocket-Friendly to most online businessmen. Below is a list of some of the major Email marketing service providers:
  • Aweber: This is one of the best email marketing service provider with very impressive features. Their services are NOT for free but are highly recommended. Their service price varies based on the list size and other factors. At the moment, they offer a $1 Sign-up fee for the first month.
  • Constant contact: Constant Contact is also a PAID email marketing & autoresponder  service provider, trusted by more than 500,000 customers worldwide. They also render very good services and have numerous users. At the moment, they offer a Free trial service for a limited time.
  • iContact: This is also a giant in the field of email marketing & autorespnoder. Their services are NOT for free, though they offer a Free trial service. Their prices varies based on the list size.
  • GetResponse: Getresponse is also a lead in email autoresponding and email marketing services with 300,000+ customers. Like other providers listed here, Getresponse offer impressive email template for your campaigns and newsletters. Their prices varies based on the list size. Their services are NOT for free but you can try it out for 30 days (free).
  • Traffic Wave: This service is also a good email marketing services providers and are used by many. The major difference between Traffic Wave and other providers listed here is the fact that they offer a Flat-Rate for all their services plans and also a 30 days free trial.
The table below summarizes the prices of these email marketing service providers:

In a quest to left-out these prices, I have searched and discovered Listwire which render a 100% free Email marketing service and Email autorespnder. 
Some of the features of this service are:
  • Building Your List & Managing Your Prospects: List Wire makes it incredibly easy to create subscription forms and add them to your own website, or blog. They provide a "SqueezeFrame" system that allows you to add a subscription form to your website, even if you don't know a thing about uploading webpages, editing HTML, or using an FTP program
  • Automated Follow-Up Marketing Campaigns: This service allow you to put your entire marketing campaign on autopilot. They give you the ability to create, and send an unlimited number of pre-scheduled follow-up messages that are sent on the schedule that you've defined.
  • Broadcast & One-Time Messages: This service gives you the ability to create, and send one-time broadcast messages to a single list, or even to multiple lists at the same time. If you're sending your broadcast to multiple lists, List Wire will automatically detect and remove duplicate prospects, so that you can be sure your prospects only get the message one time.
  • Hitting The Inbox: List Wire has configured feedback loops with all of the major ISPs that support them. This includes services like MSN/Live/Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, Road Runner, and many more. They are a whitelisted sender where available, and automatically remove any unsubscribes, bounced and invalid email addresses, and anyone who marks your message as junk, or spam.
Other features of LinkWire are:
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Tracking
  • Broadcast Message Date and Time
  • Broadcast to Twitter and Facebook
  • The overall Layout
  • Ability to Add Subscribers
  • Ability to Export Your Subscriber List
As good as LinkWire might be, there are some downsides attached to this service.
The major downside of this service is the presence of a CO-REG (Co-Registration) system. For instance, when someone subscribes to your list via the web form, they are taken to a standard Listwire Page which displays other users' Lists that your new subscriber can also join. It’s not compulsory that they do. But this really upsets some people. GetResponse also have this service (and that’s a paid service!) but with GetResponse you can setup your own confirmation and Thank-you pages and totally avoid the CO-REG page.


LinkWire is a fully packed Email Autoresponder and offers very impressive Email Marketing services for free. If you are new to email marketing/list building and don't have much $$ to spend or you are already experienced in the field but looking for a way to cut-off the expenses on email marketing services, then I solely recommend that you sign-up with LinkWire and you will be glad you did. But if you have some $$ to spend on email marketing, then I recommend that you sign-up with Aweber or GetResponse.

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