Looking to promote your Events, Websites, Music, Business (Online & Offline), Products & Services, etc?.
Let’s help you to go public by promoting you to thousands of my blog viewers and subscribed readers, and you will get a good value for every dime spent.

At the moment, we permit the following types of advertisement:
·        Text Advertisement: - We can promote text information about your Event, Business, Products, Services, etc. This information will be linked back to your website or as you sole desire.
·        Banner Advertisement:- We support advertisements via banners, pictures, logos & images. This banner should be able portrait your service(s). We support multiple banner sizes, you can take a look at the most frequent banner sizes and other banner sizes.
·        Sponsored Advertisement:- You may decide to sponsor our blog post (new post or existing post), page, program or any of our product & services. In this case we will publish a post/page/product about your business, website, event or we can add your promotion link to our existing post/page as a sponsor of the post.
Please Note that your business, event, website, etc must be related to the blog post/page/product.

·        Daily
·        Weekly
·        Monthly
·        Yearly

            “ …. Your Price is Our Price.”
Yes, I know this might sound crazy, but it is real. We believe in establishing a very strong relationship with our users, partners and sponsors; thus we don’t wish that the price of our service should hinder the establishment of this relationship. Therefore we are putting the price of our service in your hands. Tell us what you are willing to pay for any of our advert services, and we will do everything possible to see that your “Order is Granted”.

If you are ready to start advertising with us, then ContactUs with the following details:
1)     Your Name - (Business Name, Website Address)
2)     The Advert Type - (Text, Banner or Sponsored)
3)     The Advert Plan - (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
4)     The Advert Position - (The particular position on this site where you will like your advert to be placed. This include: Sidebar Section (Left or Right, Top/Middle or Bottom), Header Section (Beside the website logo), Footer Section (At the base of the blog post pages), Post Section (Embedded within our post), etc.)
5)     Your Price - (How much you are willing to pay for this service. Please be reasonable here !!, you can check other websites’ advert price to have a clue of website advert prices.).
6)     Any other information that you found necessary.

1)     If you wish to advertise using a banner, we can help you to design your banner – FREE.
2)     We can help you to host your banner on our server, so you don’t need to border about bandwidth on your server. – FREE
3)     Your advert is served on all the Blog pages. -- FREE
4)     Depending on your order/package, we might also decide to promote you via subscribers’ email, blog post, on Facebook and on Twitter. -- FREE

After proper agreement and arrangement on the service, we will send our payment details to you. The payment could be via Direct Bank Deposit, Online Bank Transfer/Wire or via other third-party payment methods such as Webmoney, Okpay, Perfectmoney, etc

Termsof Service and Privacy Policy applies.