Thursday 12 September 2013

How to Host an Image (Picture, Logo, Banner, Etc) On Your Blog and Get Its URL Address

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Sometimes when working on your blog, you might be required to call-up/reference an image (picture, banner, logo, etc) using the URL address of that image. This often occurs when
we are working on the HTML content of our blog (either on the HTML gadget or on your blog template HTML code, etc). 
To get the URL address of an image, then that image MUST be hosted/stored on a web server. For those who already have a web hosting plan, it might be easy because they only need to upload the image to their web server and then copy the URL of the image. But for a blogger, you don’t have the function to host your images separately. So if you want to host your images directly on your blog and get its URL address, follow the steps below:
You may take a look at the pictorial illustration of these steps Here.
  • Step 1:- Login to your Blogger account
  • Step 2:- Select the blog where you will like to host the images (that is, if you already have more than one blog)
  • Step 3:- Goto Pages => New Page => Blank Page
  • Step 4:- Click on the Insert Image Icon
  • Step 5:- Then from the dialogue box that will pop-out, click on Choose files,  then navigate to the folder where you saved the image on your computer, then click on the image
  1. If you want to insert more than one image, simply click on the first image, then hold the CTRL button and click on the rest images that you want to insert.
  2. If you want to insert the entire images in that folder, simply hold CTRL+A to select all the images in that folder. 
  • Step 6:- After selecting the images that you want to add, click on Open.
  • Step 7:- ‘Now back on your blog page’, Make sure that the new images that you want to add are highlighted/selected (Note that at this point, all the images that already exist in that pages will be displayed, so ensure that you select only the new images that you want to add).
  • Step 8:- Then click on Add Selected
  • Step 9:- Click on Publish to publish the page.
  • Step 10:- ‘Back to the list of pages in your Blog’, click on View (on the page you just created)
  • Step 11:- Right click on the image you will like to get its URL address
  • Step 12:- Click on Copy Image Url or Copy Image Address (depending on the web browser that you are using). It will look like this:
  • Step 13:- Open a new web browser tap and click on paste on the address bar (to paste what you have already copied) then click on GO or hit the Enter button. If everything is okay, this should display only the image. (This step is just to confirm that you have copied the correct image URL address).
  • Step 14:- Congratulation, you have gotten the URL address on that image. Use that address anywhere you need it to call-up that image.
You may take a look at the pictorial illustration of these steps Here.  
·        The URL address might seem too long that you may like to shorten the URL address.
·        The new Page that you have just created will appear on your blog; so you might find it necessary to hide the page from appearing on your blog.

·        Also, we might like to remove the sidebar and footer on this page since it is not visible to our blog viewer.

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