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How to Easily Detect a Scam/Fraud Website.

Some days ago, I published a post on How to Make Money Directly into your bank account and since then, I have received several calls and messages about that service and how genuine it could be. After attending to these calls & messages, I decide to publish this post to help you to identify a scam website.The internet have gone too vast that
it is impossible to completely filter out the bad-eggs in the internet. The scammers & fraudsters are now too professional that you can't easily differentiate them from the sincere/honest guys. These fraudsters display nice/perfect-looking products just to make you believe that they are real, without knowing that they are NOT. Their offers are too enticing and looks too promising that you don't wish to miss such offers. These fraudsters have utilized the innovations of science & technology to their advantage.
Scam Warning
For instance, some days ago when I was browsing on my computer, I came across a web-based company that offers ''Recent Visitors'' services to websites. When you subscribe to their service, they will give you a piece of code which you will embed into your website. After adding the code, a well designed dynamic table will be displayed on the position where you added the code in your website. This table displays a list of randomly-generated names with their country and time. This table updates and adds a new name to the list every second. That reminded me of a website that I visited earlier that day, where I was forced to believe that the website has numerous users and much traffic simply because I say this table (Recent Visitors) on the website, without knowing that it was fake.
A service like this can make you to trust a website and invest with them without knowing that they are not real.

Some common tricks used by scammers/fraudsters on websites

Below are some of the techniques used by these scammers on websites in order to convince you.
  • Using photo-editing software (eg: Photoshop, Coral-Draw) to create pictures or documents (or edit an already existing document) and displaying these pictures/documents to you as a proof of their success, earning, withdrawal, etc.
  • Using video-editing software (eg: Ezvid, Camtasia) to create or edit videos and displaying these videos to you as a proof of their success.
  • Funding their online account (maybe, using different names as the Sender's name) and displaying these accounts to you as a proof of their payment.
  • Sometimes when you register with some of these websites in the quest for money, your account will actually be credited with your earnings but when you reach the minimum payment amount and you request for a withdrawal, No money will be paid to you; if you try to contact them, they won't respond to you or they will bombard you with excuses and faults (this often occurs in Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Survey, Pay-Per-Referral programs, etc).
  • Displaying so much amount of money on their websites as the amount of money that their users have being earning. Take a look at, Can you see all the billion dollars displayed on the column?. Does that look real to you?. To me, it does not.

How to detect a scam Website

There are so many ways you can detect a scam website (especially if you are already experienced in the field) but I solely prefer googling the website if am not sure of it. To do this,
  • Visit
  • Type the name of the website, followed by the SCAM or FRAUD or SCAM FRAUD (Example: scam OR fraud) then click on search.
  • Read through the search result (as many as possible, at least the first 2 pages) to see what other people have said about the website.
  • Repeat the search for all the website links and names associated with the website. (Note that sometimes the website address that was used to invite you might redirect you to a different website address so try to figure it out and carry-out your google search on both websites)
  • If you find at-least one person who can testify (with a proof) that the website is a scam, then you should run away from that website.
  • If you find at-least one person who can testify (without a proof) that the website is a scam, then you should carry-out further search and take your decision when you are convinced.
  • If you see more-of people asking questions about the website and its service, then you can invest a little on the website. That is just to test the website and its service.
  • However, if you see more people who recommends the website and shows satisfaction with its service, then you can go ahead to invest with the website; but I will advice you not to jump in with both legs because anything can happen.


  • Take time to carry-out a proper research on any website/company that you want to invest your Time, Money & Effort into.
  • The final decision is yours to make, but try to be wise and try not to be caught by the sweet words and enticing promises of these scammers.
  • No matter how promising a website and its services might look, NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSS/ENDURE.

Now, take a look at and tell me if its a scam or not.
Please don't be deceived, it is a Scam. You can google it out; you can also read this blog Please Note that initially, the address of the Currency Exchange link being promoted by is but recently they have changed the website name to (perhaps because many people are now aware of their scam).

Also on the website, there is no provision to enable you to contact them rather the "CONTACT US" & "ABOUT US" tabs are filled with junks. Also their website title talks about Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, while their explanation talks about Perfect Money and EgoPay.

Thanks for going through this post, PLEASE NEVER FALL FOR THESE GUYS !!!
Hope that this helps.
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