Sunday 27 April 2014

If you were the man what will you do? - < For matured minds only!! >

Sometimes when incidents occur, we wish we were never in the scene; we wish we can roll back the hands of time in order to make amends; we get so confused and often end up taking a harsh decision. Read the story below and tell us whether what he did was right or wrong.

A certain man dated a lady for about 2 years without s*x, even after their traditional marriage the lady did not still allow the man to even touch her. So the wedding day was finally fixed and the day before the wedding was the bachelor’s eve and all his friends were with their ladies and they were having fun, it made the man to start feeling that mood. But his fiancée turned him down again and begged him to wait a little longer so he agreed. At last the D-DAY finally came and the man was waiting patiently for the wedding to be over. At 6pm the latest couple are at home and are about to relax so the man ask his wife come to the bathroom with him but she said she was shy and can't bath with him, so the man agreed so she went in to take her bath 1st and after her bath she went straight to bed while her husband also went in to bath. When he finished bathing he came out naked to meet his wife who was already asleep so he went to the bed happily and kissed her then she woke up and was panting when she saw her husband. He was already romancing her and she started crying begging him to wait till night fall but he was too in the mood so he managed to control himself. She asked him to wait let her get some rest, when she wakes up he will do whatever he desires. Around 8pm armed robbers attacked them, they were about 5 in number and the five of them took turn in raping his[free sex] wife the first guy dis-virgin her, he could not bear it, he cried as he watched those heartless men force themselves into his wife. They left her lifeless because she became unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital and when she regained her consciousness her husband sent her packing.

  • Now the question is: Did the man do the right thing by sending her packing?
  • If you were the man what will you do?
Please answer sincerely!

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