Saturday, 10 January 2015

Glo Data OverLoad Promo - 2k For 2.5gb, 5k For 12gb, 8k For 24gb, 15k For 36gb.

Two days ago, I exhausted the data on my modem. Last night I decided to activate another data plan on my Glo sim. I went for the 5k for 4GB but to my greatest surprise, I received an alert of 12GB being credited to me. Initially I thought it was an error so I checked my data balance and it was indeed 12GB.

I contacted my colleagues to confirm if they have experienced such, and finally I searched the internet.. That was when I realized that Glo Network was actually giving out a 200% overload bonus for every data purchased within this promo season. This is no tweak/cheat.
To opt-in to the Glo Overload Promo, simply dial *200# from your phone (You should receive a welcome message afterward).

Below is a breakdown of the data plans and their subscription codes

Data Package
Price (aira)
Data Volume
Subscription Code
Validation Period
One Week
65 mb
7 days
My Phone
2.5 GB
30 days
Always Macro
4.5 GB
30 days
Always Min
12 GB
30 days
Always Max
24 GB
30 Days
Silver Plan
33 GB
30 days
Gold Plan
51 GB
30 Days

Here are some tips you might need to know about this promo:

Who can benefit from the Triple Data promo?
All customers on the Glo network who purchase data plans of N2,000 and above

What are the benefits available in the Triple Data promo?
Customers would get TRIPLE Data volume on any data plan above N2,000.

What is the validity of the bonus given on purchased data plan?
The data bonus has one month validity period.

Can I use the bonus data for gifting?
No, it cannot be used for gifting.

Can I use the bonus data for sharing?
Yes, it can be shared.

Can my unused data bundle be carried forward to a new month at expiration of validity bundle?
No, it cannot be carried forward

Can the bonus data be carried forward to new months?
No, it cannot be carried forward.

How do I know more about my subscribed plan in the Promo?
SMS Info to 127 or Dial *127*0#

How do I know more about the plan options I have in the Promo?

Have you tried it?, Did it work for you?, Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other more affordable data plan? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box.

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