Saturday 17 January 2015

How to Recover Files that was Deleted/Hidden By Viruses

I want to believe that you already know what a computer virus is and the harms they cause to our devices/gadgets, if you don’t know, CLICK HERE to read more about computer viruses.
I observed that some viruses are designed basically to hide the files in our devices/gadgets. These viruses don’t really delete our files, but they will make it invisible for you to access them from your device's file manager. 

I was once a victim of this virus (about 3 years ago). When the virus infected my device (Phone), I was able to play my music, videos, pictures, etc from the device's music player but when I open my Memory Card to access these files, I notice that there was no file Memory Card... --This kept me wondering!--. I checked the memory capacity of my Memory Card and noticed that quite a good volume of the memory space was filled-up. --Then the question is "Which files were occupying the device memory since the Memory Card was empty (as it appears)--.
To cut a long story short, I ended-up formatting my device's Memory card, hence losing all my files on the storage card (memory card).... --Sad!!--
But today am here to enlighten you on how to easily detect & delete this virus and how to recover your files.
Before we proceed, please note that this virus acts in 2 basic ways:
  • Some will hide your files and convert the icons to shortcuts
  • Others will hide your files without displaying shortcuts (making your storage device to appear as an empty device).

How to Detect and Delete This Virus from Your Storage Device

There could be other ways to achieve these but I prefer to use this very light-weight and free AntiVirus Program -(Download HERE)-.
After downloading the program, install it on your computer.
This program automatically scans every device that is plugged into your computer. It is capable of detecting Viruses, Hidden Files, etc.

How to Recover Your Hidden/Deleted Files 

Once you insert a storage device to your device, this program will automatically run a fast scan on the device and if the device is infected, it will prompt you to run a full scan on the storage device (it is recommended that you click on “YES” to continue with the full scanning).

After a complete scan, the program will display the details of detected Virus, Hidden Files, etc. Simply click on 'FIX All' and the program will automatically fix all errors in your computer as well as recovering your hidden/deleted files.

How to Prevent This Virus from Infecting Your Computer

Simply download and install this very light-weight and free AntiVirus Program -(Download HERE)- and ensure that it is always enabled/active on your computer though it is automatically enabled whenever your computer is started.
If you have any reason to believe that this virus already exist on your computer, it is recommended that you run a 'FULL SCAN' on your computer using the above AntiVirus.
To run a 'FULL SCAN', simply lunch the application, tick 'FULL SCAN' and then click on the 'SCAN' button. Wait patiently for the process to finish.

Have you tried it?, Did it work for you?, Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other easier method of recovering your deleted files? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box.

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