Wednesday 25 September 2013

Exchange your old phone for a new Nokia Lumia 520 - Powered by Airtel

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Airtel, -- One of the leading Telecommunication companies in Nigeria -- in partnership with Nokia, is here with an amazing offer. This offer permits you to exchange your old phone for a new Nokia Lumia 520 at a discounted rate. This offer gives you N10,000 for
any old phone when you buy a Nokia Lumia from an Airtel shop.
At the time of publishing this post, we have not verified if users will be able to use a different mobile network provider with this new lumia 520.

How to benefit:

  1. Take any old phone from any network to a designated Airtel Showroom.
  2. Buy a new Nokia Lumia 520.
  3. Get N4,000 discount on the new Nokia Lumia 520.
  4. Get N3,000 free airtime for 6 months.
  5. Get N3,000 free data for 6 months.

How to activate:

Get on board today. Visit a designated Airtel shop today!

Similar to this offer is another Airtel offer which permits you to Exchange your old phone for a Samsung Device 

Will you take-up this offer?, Lets hear from you --drop your comment--.

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