Wednesday 25 September 2013

Amazing Emoticons, Text Effects & Animations for Messengers, Emails & Social Networks - Iminent.

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Have you ever chatted with a friend and wondered how he/she added some special/funny smileys and emoticons to his/her chat? Or have you ever received a message with the text written upside down? Or seen a message with
moving text?.
Motion Text
Here is how you too can do that.
Iminent is a free application that you install into your computer. After successful installation, Iminent will automatically integrate itself into your chatting and emailing platforms. For example, if you try to chat with your friend on facebook, you will notice that you will now have more emoticon options than before; just click on any of the icons to choose from the thousands of available smileys, text effects, etc.

 How to get Iminent.
Visit to download the application.
Install the application (its simple, just follow the steps.)
That's all.
Lunch your Messenger and ENJOY .  .....**Wink**
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