Tuesday 24 September 2013

Track your website and blog for free - Sitemeter

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Sitemeter is an online Web Tracking service. They offer two types of account: the Site Meter Basic (FREE) and the Site Meter Premium (PAID). Sitemeter keeps track of your website/blog, giving you a detailed statistical information about your
With Site Meter Basic, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Site Meter Counter: which keeps count of your site visitors and page views.
  • Visitor Details Tracking: Which keeps record of your sites' visitors details.
  • Location Mapping: Which keeps record of your visitors' location and mode of visit.
  • Referring URL: Which provides information on the URL address through which your visitor got to your site.
  • And much more (Including Location Report, Entry Page, Outclick, Exit Page, Visits and Page Views)
With Site Meter Premium, you can enjoy the following in addition to all the Site Meter Basic's benefits:     
  • Visitor Path: Which shows you all the pages viewed by a visitor on your site. It also shows you the page that referred the visitor (if any) and how long the visitor spent on your site.
  • Recent Visitors Export: This function exports the visit details of the last 4,000 visitors to a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) file or a File Separated Variable. This file can easily be imported into Microsoft Excel or other applications for further analysis.
  • Full IP Address of each Visitor: This function ranks the webpage that generate the most visitors to your webpage.
  • Moving Average Chart: This function helps you to tell if the traffic to your site is increasing or decreasing by displaying a graphical representation of your sites' traffic within a chosen period.
  • Previous Year's Traffic Records: This function displays your site's traffic in any of the last 6 years.
  • And Much More (Including Referral Search Words, Ad Free Stat Page, Ranking Report for Referring Pages, Ranking Report for Referring Web Sites, Ranking Report for Referring Search Engines).
How To Get Started.
  1. Goto http://www.sitemeter.com and register for any of the 2 account types (Free or Paid).
  2. Copy the codes from your account: Each Site Meter account includes special codes uniquely generated specifically for your site.
  3. Paste the code into each page that you want to be tracked: Your unique Site Meter code must be pasted in the HTML of each page that you want to be tracked.
Below is the pricing for Site Meter Premium account (at the time of publishing this post).
Web Tracking
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