Saturday 16 November 2013

How to prevent invalid click on your Google Adsense ads

Previously, I published a post on How to Identify Invalid Click on your Google Adsense ads which have demanded for how to avoid these invalid clicks. As you should know, invalid clicks is unhealthy for your Google Adsense account and can get your adsense account banned by Google, thus there is a great need to prevent this action on your Adsense ads.

Below are some steps you can take to prevent and protect your Google Adsense account:

Notify Google:

Whenever you observe/suspect an invalid click on your adsense account, then the first action to take is to notify Google team about the clicks. By so doing, Google can take care of such clicks and you do not lose your Google Adsense account. Follow the steps below to notify Google Adsense team:
Basically, what this step does is that it allows Google Adsense to review your account and return the money earned at the time of invalid activity back to the advertisers (if neccessary), thus helping you safe-proof your Google Adsense account.

Use Ad Logger

Ad logger is a plugin that detects Click bombing on Adverts and blocks the particular ads on which it detects the false Clicks. Thus, it will not show ads to that person who is clicking continuously on your ads.

Use Click-Bomb Protect (WordPress plugin)

If you are using WordPress then you should use this plugin and keep the ad level clickable only one time (at least for two months). So, whenever any bot try to click on the ad again, they cannot. It will help you to safe from click bombing. Be sure to report about the click if you get to know about this. Click here to go to Click-Bomb Protect plugin page.

Use Quick Adsense Plugin

Quick Adsense is a very powerful and reliable plugin used for placing ads on your blog. Using this plugin, you can place several ad units and set the functioning of this plugin so that only particular ads will be shown in the blog. You can also turn off showing of ads in the blog when you are logged in thus avoiding the click of ads accidentally by you, when you are working on the blog.

Use StatCounter

By using StatCounter, you will be able to get the IP address of any visitor/bot who have clicked on the ad. If you observe any VPN’s IP address then immediately report it to Google. Also add that IP address to blacklist from your site’s control panel. Click here to go to StatCounter.Remove ads from Homepage:
If you are using any other platform than WordPress than remove ads from homepage of your site/blog but keep ads on the article (if you want to keep earning). After sometime when you think that you will no longer receive any invalid clicks than simply put the ads again and also it is an important task for WordPress users too if you don’t have Click-Bomb Protect plugin.

Remove ads (Temporarily)

If you notice invalid click on your ads, it is advisable to temporarily remove your ads from your website. After sometime when you think that you will no longer receive invalid clicks then you can simply put the ads again, this may cause loss of some Dollars to you but if you cannot prevent it then you may loss your Adsense for forever, which sounds so bitter to any blogger.

Let me know what you have done to protect your ads ;)

Thanks for going through this post. Hope that this helps. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions below, we love to hear from you.
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