Friday 15 November 2013

How to identify invalid clicks on your Google Adsense ads

More than 80% of bloggers and web administrators wish to have their website approved for the google adsense services as a trusted means of making money from their website/blog  but nowadays, getting Google Adsense approval is somewhat hard, especially in some selected countries which have led to more than 50% of applicants unapproved.

Those that are lucky to get Google Adsense approval never wish to loss it. There are various reasons that can get your Google Adsense account banned, the two major reasons are that of terms and condition violation and invalid clicks.
And among the two, invalid clicks are the major threat against your Adsense because it can be carried-out by anybody/visitor either consciously or unconsciously. Your inability to detect and prevent/report invalid click activities at its early stage, may led to the banning of your Google Adsense account, making you un-eligible for the amount you earn through Google Adsense.
 So it is highly recommended that you won’t make such mistakes; try to monitor your adsense account, detect invalid clicks and keep your Adsense Account safe and secure.
Below are some of the ways to identify/detect invalid clicks:

Numerous clicks on the same traffic period:

If you were getting at least five clicks every day with 300 visitors and one day you got 50 clicks with the same 300 visitors then it may be as a result of invalid clicks. Try to prevent further occurrence.

So many visits to homepage:

If you notice numerous visits on our website's homepage and also you are getting some clicks more than usual then it could be an invalid click activity caused by bots. Mainly some bots are designed to target AdSense ad codes in the homepage and if they are able to find any adsense, then they simply start clicking on it, and this may result to a ban on your account. STOP IT !!

Numerous clicks but little or no earning:

If you notice that your adsense account is getting lots of ads click but little or no earning then you should suspect an invalid clicks activity on your account. This mainly occurs when someone clicks on your adsense ads again and again and again… In such situation, Google don’t have any choice except suspending your account (at least for some time, so you could resolve the problem). PREVENT IT !!

High CTR:

If you notice that your CTR from a particular country is more than 6%, then you should inform Google about it.
If you don’t know how to check country than follow the steps given:
  • First open your Google AdSense Dashboard and click on Performance Reports. 
  • Now check on left side for Countries and click on it. 
  • Now see which country CTR is too high. 

Earning removed:

If you notice that you got a click but after sometime the click got hidden; then this could be because someone may have clicked on your adsense ads by using proxy or VPN. I highly recommend that you do check your earnings every day and if you see any click from US, check its IP address. If you notice any IP from any VPN then copy it and carry-out further preventive actions.

Whenever you identify/detect any invalid click on your adsense account, then you should Prevent such activities on your adsense account in order to protect it. 

Thanks for going through this post. Hope that this helps. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions below, we love to hear from you.
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