Sunday 13 April 2014

How to withdraw CLICKBANK Cash here in Nigeria with ATM card.

Some people have often argued that Nigerians aren’t accepted on clickbank because Nigeria is not among the list of countries on clickbank’s registration form. That's so sad but the truth is that, it’s just a fallacy. It’s true that we aren’t on the list but people do clear their affiliate earnings’ cheque right here in Nigeria.

I know of so many people who does that especially with the use of which help them to forward the check to Nigeria.
 Well, the great news now is that you can now withdraw your earnings from CLICKBANK right on the ATM machines of any of the Nigerian banks. Don't get it twisted, clickbank haven’t changed their mind to consider accepting Nigerians. It’s still the former trick. You register on clickbank with your real names and when it comes to Country, choose a country like USA or UK and provide a fake address. Increase your threashold to like $2000.
 The next thing is to go get a payoneer master card by clicking here. Fill the registration form appropriately and that’s it. They might send a mail to your email some days latter to scan and send the ID you provided to them. Do all they request from you and they will communicate back to you from email when your card application has been accepted and has been shipped.
 After shipment, it takes between 15days to 30days for the card to arrive at the address you provided for them. Make sure you provide a traceable Residential address. When you receive the card, go online and login to your payoneer account and get the card activated.
 Once your card is approved you will have to apply for US Payment Service information that links to your card. This information will allow you to receive your payments from ClickBank via direct deposits. (If you already have a Payoneer card you can apply for the US Payment Service by emailing; or if you already have the US Payment Service with your Payoneer card you can use your current information with ClickBank).
 When you email, just tell them that you have a clickbank account and you have a payoneer card and you would love to apply for US PAYMENT SERVICE so as to be able to withdraw your clickbank earnings to your payoneer card. When you send this mail, they will respond to you and will request for identification. They will prompt you to scan your ID card with your name. (Driver’s licence, National Id card, Internetional passport etc will do). They will also ask you to scan the account area of your clickbank account to show that the name on it correspond with the name on the ID (this is the more reason why I said you should use your real details when registering on clickbank). Once you provide these to them, they will get back to you with your US PAYMENT SERVICE details.
 The details will include:     
 Bank Name
 Bank Country
 Account Number
 Routing Number
 Adding Payoneer as your payment option for your ClickBank payments is simple.
 1)    Log in to your ClickBank Account.
 2)    Choose the “Account Settings” tab at the top right of the page.
 3)    Once there, scroll down to the “Payment Information” option and click “Edit”.

 4)    You will be taken to the “Payment Information Editor” page. Once there, make sure you:
  • Select the “Direct Deposit” option (Please note payment frequency is up to you)
  • Select “United States” as your bank option
  • For “Bank Name” write in First Century Bank
  • For the “Account Number” and “Routing Number” use the US Payment Service information provided to you by Payoneer.
  • Make sure for Account Type you choose the “Checking” option.

 5)    Then at the bottom of the page click the “Save Changes” button and you are good to go!

 That’s it. You can now change your threshold back to whatever you like. Maybe like $100. If you choose weekly payment, any amount you make in your clickbank account will be sent to your payoneer card on weekly basis in as much as your threshold is reached. Please take note that it often take up to 7days after the money has been sent to the payoneer card before it becomes available on your card.
 Once it becomes available, you can stroll to any bank in Nigeria with mastercard logo and withdraw your clickbank earnings. Although some ATM machines rejects the card but ECO BANK, GTBANK, ZENNITH BANK AND STANBIC IBTC are few Nigerian banks that supports the card. 

Thanks for going through this post, you can take a look at Payment Processors for more/better payment agencies (both offline and online). Hope that this helps. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions below, we love to hear from you.
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