Sunday 13 April 2014

Nigerians are the wisest in the world !!

A Nigerian, an American and a German were on board a plane. As d plane was flying over d black sea Satan came out and said to them: "I want you to drop something in the sea; if I find it, I will kill you but if I don't u live"....

The American quickly plucked a button from his shirt and threw into the sea, Satan dived into the sea and came up with the button. "See", he said and killed the American. 
The German threw a pin into the sea. Satan dived in and came out with the pin. "See", he said and killed d German. 
The Nigerian man brought out a sachet of pure water, opened it and poured the contents into the sea holding back the sachet. He then said to Satan, "Oya bigin find water inside water ...... idiot !!"

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