Friday 16 May 2014

MTN Night Plan now browsing 24hours (Day and Night) with Tweakwarevpn

It is no news that the leading mobile communication company in Nigeria (MTN) introduced a data plan tagged "MTN Night plan".  Presently, this plan have come as a rescue to internet users both android phone users and PC users who can part ways with #2,500 monthly as it promises 1.5GB extra bonus data for 24hours browsing. But ...

Ordinarily, MTN night data bundle plan offers 3GB data which works from 9PM to 6AM daily and 24hours on weekends. Presently, MTN gives a bonus of 1.5GB to subscribers of the MTN Night data plan making for a total of 4.5GB when added to the main 3GB available to subscribers of the Night plan.
The deal is, the subscriber first uses the bonus 1.5GB for 24 hours when the bonus is exhausted, the subscriber falls back to the original 3GB of data which works only at night from 9PM to 6AM.
However, tweakwarevpn has come to the rescue by giving you the freedom of using your MTN Night data Plan any day and anytime not minding if you have exhausted the bonus 1.5GB or not, so long as the Night plan is still active.
Though you may do without tweakwarevpn but in this case you need to be online without disconnecting or going offline, that is, you stay online before 6AM in the morning and continuously stay online because any disconnection marks the end of internet usage till 9PM that day. I don't think you want to keep going through this stress whenever you want to use MTN night plan for 24hours browsing. Besides, leaving your modem connected at all times just to use MTN night plan during the day makes no sense as your data bundle allowance gets wasted and exhausted sooner than you can imagine because most system and software updates will keep consuming them.
Tweakwarevpn saves all these stress. It gets the MTN night plan connected any time of the day the subscribers wants to connect to the internet.
To get started using the MTN Night data plan with tweakwarevpn for 24hours uninterrupted browsing simply follow the steps below:
  1. Download the latest version of Tweakware VPN 4.1 HERE 
  2. If this is your first time of using Tweakware VPN on your system then Signup for a FREE Tweakware VPN user account HERE 
  3. Extract the downloaded Tweakware VPN pack to a convenient location in your computer, desktop preferably
  4. Right-click on the Tweakware VPN and select 'Run as Administrator'.
  5. Insert your username and password used during registration

     6.   Go to Settings, and click on 'Install Tap'.

     7.    Go to Tools, select 'MTN TCP 3' and click on 'APPLY TEMPLATE'. 

Now go back to the MAIN tap, select any Tweakware VPN server location of your choice, connect the modem which has the MTN Night Data plan and click on CONNECT (on the Tweakware VPN).

  • To subscribe for MTN Night Plan, Text 102 to 131 or dial *120# (costs #2,500)
  • To check the main Night plan data balance, Send 2 to 131
  • To check the Bonus data balance, Dial *599# or *599*3#
  • To use Tweakware VPN efficiently to power your MTN Night plan for 24hours (day and night) browsing, you need to UPGARDE your FREE Tweakware account to PREMIUM Access account.
To UPGRADE your TWEAKWARE VPN, log into your account, click on MY ACCOUNT and then click on UPGRADE ACCOUNT. Note: Upgrading your Tweakware account will cost you #500 or $3 of Perfectmoney. You can contact us to help you with the payment. 

Soon, i will be publishing on the following:
How you can browse free on mtn network using multilink.
New tweak on how you can browse free on Etisalat network (2014)

Have you done it?, Did it work for you?, Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other tweak on how you can browse with your MTN Night Plan during the day? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box.
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