Friday 16 May 2014

MTN Night Plan now working 24hours on Android devices

Some days ago, I released a post on  how you can use MTN Night Plan to browse 24 hours (Day and Night). Ever since then, I have been contacted by numerous friends and fans demanding for a tweak on how they can enjoy the same service on their mobile phones. Today I will be teaching you how you can use MTN Night Plan on your andriod device.

As we all know, MTN night Plan promises 4.5GB at #2,500 for 30days of internet access. The breakdown of the 4.5GB goes this way, 3GB is the main data bundle allowance on offer while 1.5GB is a bonus data allowance added to the main data totaling 4.5GB on offer on the MTN night plan data bundle package.
The bonus 1.5GB data allowance works for 24hours and is the first of the pack to be consumed after which the subscriber gets back to the original plan of full night plan from 9PM to 6AM everyday and 24hours throughout the weekends.
Should you for whatever reason consider using the MTN night plan on your Android device (phone or tablet) for uninterrupted browsing that is 24 hours even when you might have exhausted the bonus 1.5GB then you need to get TROIDVPN ANDROID APPLICATION.
TroidVPN is a sister appliaction to Tunnelguru. Just as Tunnelguru helps you browse for 24hours with your MTN Night plan on PC, Troidvpn helps you do the same the exactly on your android device.
To use TroidVPN on your android device with MTN Night plan for 24hours browsing you need to
  • First of all have a ROOTED android device. TroidVPN works also on non-rooted android devices but the ICMP protocol which will be used to power the MTN Night plan works only on rooted android devices.
  • Get the TroidVPN android package (apk) from HERE or directly from Google play HERE
  • Install the application on your device
  • Signup for a FREE TroidVPN account HERE. Note that TroidVPN is a sister application to TUNNELGURU so if you already have a tunnelguru account there is no need signing up for TroidVPN account as a tunnelguru account works perfectly on it.
  • Open the Troidvpn and configure it as follows;
  • On the first space, put in your Tunnelguru username
  • On the second space, out in your Tunnelguru password
    Pull down the arrow down head on the Select Server tab and choose any server
    R Port: 500 or 554
    L Port: 0
  • Choose ICMP
  • Click on Connect.
  • To subscribe for MTN Night Plan, Text 102 to 131 or dial *120# (costs #2,500)
  • To check the main Night plan data balance, Send 2 to 131
  • To check the Bonus data balance, Dial *599# or *599*3#
  • To use Troid VPN efficiently to power your MTN Night plan for 24hours (day and night) browsing on your andriod device, you need to UPGARDE your FREE TroidVPN account to PREMIUM Access account. Click HERE for the various upgrade plans.
  • Also Note that this is not an Unlimited plan, use your data wisely. 

Have you done it?, Did it work for you?, Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other tweak on how you can browse with your MTN Night Plan during the day on your mobile phone? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box. 
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