Thursday 7 August 2014

Airtel Introduces Android Data Plan..

Its no news that browsing on Android phone have been really expensive. Some days ago, I published a post on how to use MTN night plan on android devices and computer all day long.
Just this morning I dialled *141*1# only to notice that Airtel have just introduce data plans for android devices. The plans are as follow:
  • 2GB - 2000 Naira
  • 3GB (Night Plan) - 2500 Naira
  • 4.5 GB - 3500 Naira

After going through the list, I was just wondering if this could possibly be an automatium from NCC.
Have anyone tried this? Does it consume twice the amount of data used just like the BIS unlimited plan?Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other better data plan for android devices? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box. 
Thanks for going through this post. Hope that this helps. Please feel free to drop your comments and questions below, we love to hear from you.

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