Thursday 7 August 2014

How to easily Hide/Lock files in your computer - LockDir

Severally, I have received messages from friends and fans regarding how they can successfully hide/lock the contents (files, pictures, musics, videos, etc) on their computer. This often arise when there is a need to secure the contents/file on your computer from unauthorized access. I know that most people do enable the Login Security, but what happen when the person already possess your login password?. In order to achieve this, I will introduce you to an application that you can use to hide and/or encrypt any file or folder on your computer with 256-bit encryption, you click here to download the application. One exciting feature of this light-weight program is how quickly and easily you can secure the files and/or folders on your computer, flash card and/or thumb drive.  There are 3 available methods to choose from when selecting a security level for your file or folder: Lock, Scramble, and Encrypt. 
Key Features of this Program:
  • 256-bit encryption for any file or folder on your hard drive, memory card, or flash drive
  • Three different security levels
  • Very small program size
  • Completely free to download and use
Before I proceed, please note that: 
  • This program those not require any installation.
  • Each copy of this program can only secure one folder/file at a time, so if you want to secure more than one folder, simply copy (NOT CUT) the program and paste it in the different folders that you want to protect.

How to use the program

  • Simply download the application HERE and run the program (it does not require installation).
  • Click on the Folder Icon on the program to select the particular folder that you want to protect; or simply copy the program to the folder that you want to protect.
  • Enter your "Security Password", "Re-type Password", "Password Hint  (not compulsory)" and "Recovery Email (not compulsory)".

  • Then click on the "PROTECT" button.
  • You will notice that all the files in the specified folder will be hidden.
  • To Unlock the files, simply locate that particular program that you used to lock the folder, then enter the Security Password, and click the "UNPROTECT" button. 
Don't wait another day to secure your important data! Download it Now (1.5 MB)!!.
Have you downloaded the app?, Did it work for you?, Do you have any suggestion or question?, Do you have any other easy method to secure files/folder on a computer? ..... Please let us know about it via the comment box. 
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